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I did not go out and replace my Johnson’s Wax last night.  By the time my uke lesson knocked off and I ate dinner I had no use for it.  I’ll pick it up on the way home tonight.

I took a quick glance at a Google search for Johnson’s Wax yesterday afternoon and have a few additional observations.

I am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and once made a pilgrimage to Illisnois and Wisconsin to see his work.  I visited his home and studio in Oak Park. Illinois and Taliesin near Madison.  On the way home we stopped at the Johnson Wax Building in Milwaukee and were very surprised to find that the building was not open to the public.  We were met at a gate by a guard who kindly turned us away. It was clear that an empire had been built on Johnson’s Paste Wax.

In my recent web search for Johnson’s Paste Wax I first visited the manufacturer’s website and discovered (or was reminded) that Johnson Wax Company has dropped “wax” from the company name and added the founder’s initials.  At some point, when the popularity of wax as a household product and the company broadened its offerings it re-branded as S.C. Johnson Company.  In searching their own website I can find no mention of wax as a currently manufactured product.

I’m sure that this is the reason the the internet is full of forum postings warning of doom and gloom and that Johnson’s Paste Wax is no longer being manufactured and has gone the way of the New England Pilot Cracker (A truly tragic loss!).

Johnson’s Paste Wax is still readily available and (presumably) still manufactured.  (Perhaps S.C. Johnson has a giant tank filled with was that will supply the world until the demand is gone.)

It’s on the shelf of the Noblesville (IN) Ace Hardware and I know I spotted it in a big box store last week.  Websites offer one pound cans (a 20 year supply for my use) for $3 – $8.  I did find cases (6 cans) for $35 offered by a mail order warehouse offering products no longer manufactured.

I may have to buy 2 cans — just in case.

I think that’s quite enough about Johnson’s Paste Wax.

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