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The Pull-Toy Series No. 11 – White River Willy – Sea Serpent

19″l x 9″w x 8 1/4″t
White Pine, Found Wood, Steel, Leather, Pewter, Found Wood, Brass


Available Here 


The Hamilton County (Indiana) historian recently approached me and shared a story that he discovered about a giant serpent discovered a few blocks from my home in 1892. The entire story may be found by visiting my website at 50littlebirds.com.

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Amanda Smith, Hamilton County Naturalist, and her staff and volunteers have put together a wonderful group of artwork for this year’s Nature’s Inspirations art show.  I got a peak at the catalog today and can tell you that this show should not be missed.

I will be displaying two pieces, Tail Lashing, Teeth Gnashing Croco-gator and Chippers by the Dozen.  these are two of my favorite works and I am thrilled to be showing them at this show.

Other artists Hamilton County artists of note include Bruce Neckar, Ken Bloomquist and Rodney Reveal.

Nature’s Inspirations
Fine Art show and Sale

February 25 to March 11
Cool Creek Park Nature Center
2000 E. 151st Street
Carmel, Indiana

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Armed with a camera and my binocs I made my usual weekend morning birding rounds.

It goes something like this (With occassional variations)-

  • Morse Beach Park – I scope the the lake from north of the beach. Check the trees in and around the park and then check the dam and pool below it.
  • Carrigan Crossing (Skipped this morning)- To check out gulls and northern parts of Morse Reservoir.
  • Hamilton County Heron Rookery – This new park is coming into its first spring. You cannot go near the nesting area, but there is a nice parking area and observation deck.
  • The Phoebe Bridge (My own name.) – This is a bridge with a parking spot near the west end. This is a great place to spot eastern phoebes hawking over the creek. I thought this was my “secret place” but I’ve crossed paths with many that have the same feelings. I’ve yet to run into anyone else out there. I’ll share, it’s at 256th Street and Little Cicero Creek.
  • Koteewi Park – This is a prairie area adjacent to a river with woodland borders. You could spend all day birding this huge and diverse park.

A few notes:

  • Not much action on Morse Reservoir this morning — a pair of coots, Canada geese and mallards. I heard what might have been a red-winged blackbird in a tree behind me and quickly scanned the upper reaches. I forgot the blackbird when I spotted a young bald eagle eating something held in its talons. I walked, the long way, around the tree to put the sun at my back and got what I thought would be a good shot. I’m disappointed, but finally I’ve seen one of the hometown eagles that it seems everyone else has seen.
  • At the heron rookery there were heron on the nests! Again my shots were not up to grade. I’ll return, maybe tomorrow with a tripod.
  • Lots of new bird song along white river. Signs of spring are everywhere — frolicking squirrels and downy woodpecker pairs, more and more red-winged blackbirds and the afore mentioned herons on the nest.

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Blue Stone Folk School is partnering with Noblesville Preservation Alliance and the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau to explore possibilities to offer programing within the historic Judge Stone House.  This partnership begins Monday when we host Meat ‘n Tators Ukulele Construction Class.  During this week long class students from as far away as Boston will learn to build a soprano ukulele.

There are plans to explore keeping the woodshop in place to offer further programing which may include Shaker Boxmaking, woodcarving, and luthiery (instrument building) projects.  Further programing possibilities will focus on stabilization and restoration of the house.  These classes would focus on rebuilding historic windows and sash, door frames, interior woodwork, wood floors, etc.

We continue to be excited about our current space within the cellars of the historic Craycraft House.  It has always been our intention to find, develop and use under utilized spaces throughout Noblesville.  We will seek ways that these spaces can work together to provide a variety of unique traditional programing.

Over the next week, or so, this space will explore the house, its condition, its potential and our progress building ukuleles.

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