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The Pull-Toy Series No. 11 – The Begging Dachshund

White Pine, Found Wood, Steel, Pewter, Glass, Leather and Copper

13″l x 17″t x6″w

Automated pull toy – dog waves its paws when pulled.


Available Here.



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Many years ago I built an animated pull-toy for the son of a friend — a jaw snapping, tail-wagging alligator. It was a great piece. Ever since I wanted to get back to animated artwork.

The problem was finding a way to join quality (ie. round) wheels to axles. This is important to provide direct drive to the action of the sculpture.

Yesterday I experimented with steel rod, thread cutters and various simple hardware and am confident that I can not make a reliable connection to the pewter wheels that I am  using for the pull-toy series.

On the bench today is a pair of leaping and running dogs. There will be more toys with action ahead!


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Toy Barn Toy Farm

My wife and I have been cleaning the living room in preparation for the holidays.  My job is to find dusty things and mop them down with a damp rag.  This is one of the many dust collectors that I attacked today.

I’ve built two of these English style toy barns. The first (pictured below) was for my daughters and built in 1993.  The second was built for may grandson eight or nine years.

They are quite large.  On on each end they have a fenced pen or stalls.  The center bay is kept clear (to pull in a hay wagon or harness a sleigh?). There were several sections of fencing to set up pastures.  Each was painted in traditional barn colors and lightly distressed.

At the time I had no clear idea of how to approach carving animals, but I did it anyway.  The one pictured included a flock of sheep (with matchstick legs), a pair each of pigs, cows, horses and chickens, and a single collie dog.  Looking back, nearly two decade, I can say that I am satisfied with the collie.  The remainder of the livestock would be handled differently.

These barns took a heavy beating.  I had no idea in 1993 how tough kids are on toys.  The one photographed below has been completely rebuilt once and is ready for another.

I hope to build more of these one day with much cooler livestock.

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