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I grew up with my nose in books. I grew up dreaming of ships and the sea and knots and boatbuilding. I grew up summering in Maine. This all came together in a book published by Yankee Magazine‘s, Yankees Under Sail. I pored over this book day and night. My grandfather had a copy, too and I pored over his when visiting.

There were a few illustrations that made such a strong impression on me. Those impressions are so strong that they still rise to the surface from time-to-time.

Recently I carved a sea-serpent — a serpent with ties to my Indiana town — but in my head I was carving those serpents from the pages of Yankees Under Sail.

About a year ago I drew this in one of my ever-present Moleskin notebooks.


This drawing festered in my brain until I created this.


A friend, Kitty Fenstermaker, asked where this idea began. It took me about 30 seconds to pinpoint the beginnings of this artwork. It was this illustration from Yankees Under Sail.


One never knows where these things will lead. I’ve opened the door. I suspect that there will be more giant squids and sperm whales in the future.


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One of our concerns is sustaining local business.  One of our favorites is The Wild, a children’s bookstore and social hub on Noblesville’s city square.  It was reported in January that they would soon be closing their doors.

Today we recieved the following email…

Dear Friends,

Today a good thing happened. A local family with a passion for literature and learning came forward with serious, substantiated interest in owning The
Wild. In the coming month, they will take our store for a test drive while
making their final decision.

What does this mean exactly? It means we will stay open, operating as we
always have (Pages in the window and Jane on the story time stage), for the
next 30 days. At the end of that time, we will either celebrate the passing
of The Wild torch or the good times we have all had together during the past
four-and-a-half years. No matter where we go from here, you will be the
first to know.

This is a very good thing. We’ll report more as we know it.

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