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Great Blue Whale

_mg_0092This big boy was carved for Blue Indy, the upcoming first Friday show at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

_mg_0089I wanted to produce a piece in a larger scale than usual. Creating a large blue whale seemed

to be the perfect project. Not only was I challenged by the size, the whale provided a great canvas for exploring layers of color and texture.

Blue Whale

White Pine, Tinplate, Glass, Steel and Paper

32″l x 13″w x 17″t

Available Here.

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Blue Jay Pair – Nos. 77 and 78

Blue Jay  Pair - Nos. 77 and 78
Blue Jay  Pair - Nos. 77 and 78 Blue Jay  Pair - Nos. 77 and 78


Blue Jay Pair Nos. 77 & &8

I had a long dry spell last summer when I never saw a blue jay. I heard them from my yard, I heard them on walks in the field. I knew they were around, but never could spot one. A birding buddy suggested that I put peanuts at my feeder. This spring they discovered the peanuts and I see them daily.

They are amazingly beautiful and real characters. Whenever I hear their call I’m thrown back to memories of my grandparents’ backyard in suburban Philadelphia.

Blue Jay Pair
5″l x 6″w x 6 1/2″t
White Pine, Steel, Sycamore Twig and Cherry
Numbers 77 & 78
Signed: GB Davis, Noblesville, May 2010
Label: 50 Little Birds for Blue Stone Folk School, 77 & 78, GB Davis, Noblesville

$180 – Free Shipping to USA

Note: The eyes have been repainted and distressed since the photograph was taken. The are now blackish.

Each of the 50 little birds is designed and carved using traditional hand tools. A specialized finish technique involves up to 20 different steps using traditional methods and materials to achieve a finish that not only looks old, but exhibits complex and subtle colors and textures. A visiting artist once offered that the birds beg to be held in the hand and rubbed.

50 Little Birds is a project begun early in 2009 in order to fund technology and construction costs at Blue Stone Folk School, a traditional arts program in Noblesville, IN. As of November of 2009 over $1500 has been raised for the school. Every dollar of sales of birds numbered 1-50 goes towards the Folk School. 10% of birds numbered over 50 benefit the school. For more information about Blue Stone Folk School and 50 Little birds visit http://www.bluestonefolkschool.wordpress.com.

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