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The Pull-Toy Series No. 11 – The Begging Dachshund

White Pine, Found Wood, Steel, Pewter, Glass, Leather and Copper

13″l x 17″t x6″w

Automated pull toy – dog waves its paws when pulled.


Available Here.



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Many years ago I built an animated pull-toy for the son of a friend — a jaw snapping, tail-wagging alligator. It was a great piece. Ever since I wanted to get back to animated artwork.

The problem was finding a way to join quality (ie. round) wheels to axles. This is important to provide direct drive to the action of the sculpture.

Yesterday I experimented with steel rod, thread cutters and various simple hardware and am confident that I can not make a reliable connection to the pewter wheels that I am  using for the pull-toy series.

On the bench today is a pair of leaping and running dogs. There will be more toys with action ahead!


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Automated Crow!

I’ve added this item to my Christmas list.  It’s offered by the same dealer handling the Gus Walson Robin.

Unusual Mechanical Crow Decoy
Charles Perdew, Henry, IL, Ca. 1920’s

Ingenious mechanized carving with traces of original paint. Articulated sheet metal wings, beak opens and closes. Pieced wood with metal strapping, mounted on an iron bar. Wire runs through bar and attaches to wire legs.

17″ long.


Click here to find out more or to purchase.

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